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Why Network Marketing Works

The concept of Network Marketing has been around for over 80 years. Anyone from age 18 to 100 that applies themselves over a period of time ( one year or more ) and learns to apply the training from a successful network marketer can create a very large income that professionals like doctors, dentists, and lawywers earn. The advantage a network marketer has it that the income is residual and keeps coming month after month. If a doctor, dentist or lawyer stops working, their income stops coming in.

Some people try Network Marketing for a brief time and are not successful because they have not learned what it takes to succeed in the industry. Any negative statements about Network Marketing not working is from these people that did not learn what it takes and they also did not spend the time necessary to succeed. All businesses take time to get established and in profit. Here is a list of companies that use Network Marketing in some form of their business models:

1. Amway
2. Avon
3. Coca Cola
4. General Electric
5. Mary Kay
6. Microsoft
7. Pampered Chef
8. Pre Paid Legal
9. Telecommunications Companies
10. Tupperware
11. Whole Wellness Club

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  • Fell in love with the network marketing industry in 2005 when my corporate job was outsourced. Never looked back and it is a development course to say the least.

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