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If you are struggling to survive in this chaotic world, I have Hope for you. It is a 3 step process that I took myself. I am writing a blog post about it but can share the tips right away so you can chose to get started on the path if you feel called.

1. Surrender Your Heart to God & Believe In His Son Jesus Christ. Jesus came to save all mankind. He wants you with Him when He comes back for the dead who sleep in Jesus & for those who remain alive on the earth.

2. Start Keeping the Bible Sabbath. Jesus is looking for people that worship Him on His Holy Day which is the Seventh-Day ( Saturday ) that was created by God after the six day creation week a little over 6,000 years ago. The Bible teaches us that a day begins at sunset so Friday evening at sunset is the beginning of His Holy Day.

3. Seek our your local Seventh-Day Bible believing church & start returning tithe which is 10 percent of your increase. I can testify that the Lord has blessed me so much that I always end up with plenty & I am just returning what belongs to Him anyway.

If you believe in the second coming of Jesus Christ, you are already an Adventist !

I promise you your life will change so much that you will be sharing this status update. The God who set this earth in motion at 67,000 miles per hour in a galaxy that has billions of stars in a universe that has billions of galaxies can take care of your needs.
You can find your nearest church on the site below:


I was born infected with a deadly viral disease. It is known as SIN. There is a wonderful treatment that is all natural & does no harm to our bodies. John the Baptist proclaimed the cure right before Jesus began His earthly ministry.

Repent and be baptized ( full immersion in a body of water ). The disease took its toll on my life & I am still recovering from the effects of my sinful selfish nature. When I asked Jesus to forgive me of all my unrighteousness and to cleanse me, the process began and I know the Lord walks with me on a daily basis. If I get tempted, I just have to think about how painful Jesus’ cross at Calvary must have been and ask the Lord to guide me out of any and all temptation.

My appeal is to the young people that may see this either on social media or in a blog post I make. Don’t put your Salvation off. I missed death by mere inches in 1975 and barely escaped for my life in 1988 in another serious accident. We never know when we take our last breath. Jesus wants to be your best friend.
Read this book:

Great Hope

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