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Enzymes Sample Package

Whole Wellness Club had another great conference call with Peak Enzymes formulator Troy Aupperle. You can listen to that call by clicking here:

Impact of Peak Enzymes

Some new information I have learned from these calls is that Serrapeptase is the most powerful enzyme in the body. Serrapeptase cleans arteries allowing more blood flow which gets more oxygen into your cells. The Peak ‘Without’ Systemic Enzymes have 80,000 U per serving.

One Peak Enzymes ‘With’ Digestive Enzymes will breakdown a Big Mac or a large slice of cheese cake. If you cook your food over 118 degrees, the enzymes are destroyed. If the enzymes are deficient, your nutrients cannot be properly used in the body. Enzymes are life. All Chronic disease is a result of enzyme deficiency. You can improve your health with

Peak Enzymes

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