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Live Healthy While Traveling On Business

Live Healthy While Traveling On Business

Welcome to my Live Healthy While Traveling On Business post. It is easy to continue your healthy habits that you created when you are at your home while you travel the world for business or pleasure.

In February 2018, I left on a month journey to help grow my home based business in the rapidly growing wellness industry. I took time to plan out how to keep up my food and exercise protocols while on the road. You can check your large piece of luggage and include your whole food supplements and other food that may be hard to find while on the road.

Live Healthy While Traveling On Business
So Grateful that my host picked me up at the Bahnhof in Lengwil, Switzerland so I did not have to roll my luggage the mile or so from the station. Every little village in Europe is close to public transportation like regional trains and buses that connect to the larger towns.

Olga also was going to the market on the day that I arrived so I was able to pick up an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables for my stay here. I also like to eat lentils, oats, rice and beans so I have a nice variety of food here where the rental property is near Lake Constance, Switzerland.

Live Healthy While Traveling On BusinessI do Pilates three times a week and found a workout video on You Tube that is a very good exercise routine to follow. I have been able to stay in shape while traveling around Europe on business. Getting outside for at least a 30-45 minute walk every day is also something that helps me.

In Munich, Germany, there is an outdoor ice skating rink that has a very large outer rink and then a regular sized inner ice rink that is large enough for figure skating or an ice hockey game.

The day that I went was a warm day at about 12 Celsius and the sun was shining. It was really fun to participate in a hobby that I have enjoyed since my youth. You also help your body stay in shape as you age when you do different forms of exercise.

Live Healthy While Traveling On BusinessI have also kept up my healthy eating habits while living in Europe for a month. It only takes about 20 minutes to make a very healthy and great tasting soup for a hearty middle of the day meal.

Just take some rice, lentils, beans and add some bouillon for some spices to your water and let the ingredients cook for about 20 minutes. You can cut up some fresh vegetables. I found red cabbage, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower and eggplant and those vegetables soaked up the seasoning. The soup has made a great tasting meal several times in the past week.

To access more healthy recipes, please visit my Category that has many delicious vegan and vegetarian recipes.

Healthy Living

Never forget to drink your water to Live Healthy While Traveling On Business. I am drinking one half my ideal body weight in fluid ounces each day. This is around 3 quarts or liters. I also have some Chamomile tea in the evening to help me rest.  Getting plenty of rest everyday also is conducive to good health.

Hope the blog post Live Healthy While Traveling On Business has helped you. You are your best health advocate.

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  • Sounds like a healthy and exciting trip …. Enjoy ! That large outer ice skating rink looks really cool.

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