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Top Ten Reasons to Build a Whole Wellness Club Business

Top Ten Reasons to Build a Whole Wellness Club Business

Welcome to my Top Ten Reasons to Build a Whole Wellness Club Business blog post where I describe a whole food products business. Many people are searching for a way to add income to their monthly budget. Having high quality whole food products that people get significant results from is smart. Having a home based business allows you to take advantage of over 200 income tax deductions that someone with a job does not have.

  1. Make a Difference In Lives Around the World
  2. Market Is Huge – Over 10,000 People Turn 65 Each Day
  3. Whole Food Nutrition That People Experience
  4. Brand Yourself As a Leader In Wellness
  5. Help People Improve Their Health
  6. Global Business
  7. Teach Self Sufficiency
  8. Longevity- Opened in 2007
  9. Stable Long Term Income
  10. Your Business Transfers to a Beneficiary

Top Ten Reasons to Build a Whole Wellness Club BusinessWhy would you want to join my team in this business?

  1. I believe in the top ten reasons to build a whole wellness club business. I do my best to live by the principles of serving others and meeting their needs. God automatically takes care of my needs by concentrating on the serving others principle.
  2. I am a founding member. The company started shipping products from my farm in 2007. At that time, I had begun making money in the home based business industry after struggling to figure out how to grow a Marketing business.
  3. Our team has members with decades of experience. One friend started in the networking industry in 1977. Two members of the team started in the 1980’s. Experience is priceless.
  4. We have a Global Skype Group that is very helpful to members overseas.
  5. We have a Web Conference Room with the ability to have 5 members on web camera at the same time. We can also do presentations, record webinars, show videos, and record presentations for training.

Top Ten Reasons to Build a Whole Wellness Club BusinessA business background and education is not a requirement to succeed in the direct sales and referral marketing industry. I started working from my home office in the summer of 2005 after my job in the airline business was outsourced.

I made a little money in the first year and then my income gradually increased as I worked on building the skill set to succeed. I do hold a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Administration and Economics from Washington State University.

As I write this blog post, I know that many people are needing a solution to two difficult situations. Many people are struggling with their health. Many people also are not able to make it through each month as the cost of living just continues to go up. Take a look at what our company is about on my affiliate page for the company. Every member gets this corporate page for free.

Whole Wellness Club

Whole Wellness Club is the solution for people whether they live in Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, Oceania or South America. Come build a solid business with us and you will never have to build another business again.

We have a support group on the Facebook Social Media Site also. If you are on our team and need something right away, you can ask there and a moderator will answer you as soon as possible.

Get Started Today and you can share your Top Ten Reasons to Build a Whole Wellness Club Business. Our team looks forward to working with you.

Whole Wellness Club Global Facebook Page

You can reach me on my Contact Page Below.

Contact Daniel Parsons About Whole Wellness Club

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  • Great video and article Daniel. The networking industry is the best business model in the world. People can build a business by interacting with what is known as “circle of influence”. A man showed me this industry in 1977 and it has been the best education I have ever had. You develop life long relationships with people that are motivated to help themselves succeed in life.

    • Chuck, I Appreciate all of the guidance along the way when I was a ‘newbie’ or new person to the home based business industry!

  • Marie Jean Paule Isidor

    Hi, we are okay? Yes i submitted yet in the Busness I have 9 persons in my team but all persons pass in te test, my leader Luxon tell me can I will wait again to have my credit card, to pay more money explain me please I like the Busness, I ‘am a nurse I have many people interest but I m not clear

    • Hello Marie Jean,
      Please send me a Skype connection request. I will contact your email also.
      My skype: missionarydanielparsons@outlook dot com

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