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Whole Wellness Club Tenth Anniversary

Whole Wellness Club Tenth Anniversary

Welcome to my Whole Wellness Club Tenth Anniversary post where I share the history of a leading whole food nutrition company that is a global business.

Chuck Garretson, who is a long-time friend of mine, received a phone call from a woman named Linda in early June 2007. Linda had been involved in network marketing for over 20 years. Linda told Chuck about the medicinal tonic called VelociTea and decided to get a sample of the product to Chuck.

Whole Wellness Club Tenth AnniversaryOnce Chuck tried the product and experienced the cleansing effects of the medicinal herbs, he made a phone call to Chuck Dhuey. Chuck Dhuey began his career in network marketing to be able to stay at home while raising his eight children. A couple of three way calls later, the Whole Wellness Club was formed.

Chuck Garretson came out to my farm in Washington State and we prepared to get the VelociTea detox product ready to be shipped all over the world. I remember spending four hours every day taking a bulk shipment of 2,000 tea bags and packaging them into plastic sleeves with the product information paper label inside. We had fun having Tea parties and shipped the VelociTea out every business day.

Chuck Dhuey and his long-time business partner John began all the work necessary to get the company established as a Limited Liability Corporation. John oversaw all of the work done to get the website built.

The company started contacting veteran network marketers and offered Founding Member packages of 12 packages of the Velocitea for $120. All the money that was raised paid for all the business expenses incurred establishing the business.

Whole Wellness Club Tenth AnniversaryThe Whole Wellness Club started off with mostly members from all over North America. Linda was the master distributor in the business and she traveled to Pennsylvania to hold meetings with a woman named Barbara who became my sponsor.

Barbara Arbster has been in the network marketing industry for many years and we have worked the business together since the company started.

In the winter of 2008, I met a woman over Skype named Aija. She started asking me questions about the company. Aija had come across my website that has over a hundred articles about the company and signed up on my team.

Aija is a veteran network marketer that lives in Europe. She was impressed with the business opportunity and she built a large team. Aija Voitkans knows people that know people and the company grew very rapidly. She sponsored a man named Sergey Krivenko in Russia. Sergey built a huge team around just the VelociTea product and is still very active in the company years later.

Carole Zabot lives in France and she has built a large global French speaking network on her team. Whole Wellness Club is open in just about every country on the planet.

In 2009, the company began adding other foundational Health Products.

I have listed the largest selling products that the company offers today:

  1. Coral Complex 3 Is a Complete Bio Available Minerals Product.
  2. Cinnamon Six Is a Product That Lowers Blood Sugar.
  3. Peak Digestive Enzymes Are High Quality Enzymes to Help Digest and Assimilate the Foods You Eat.
  4. Peak Systemic Enzymes Are High Quality Enzymes That Help Your Body Keep Arteries Clear and Repairs the Immune System While You Rest at Night.
  5. Muscadine Grape Seed Skin Pulp Is a Powerful Anti-Oxidant Product Loaded with Resveratrol and Ellagic Acid.
  6. Camucin Is a Stabilized Allicin Product That Helps Your Body Keep Your Immune System Strong. Camucin Is Also Anti-Viral.

Simplicity Pay
The company has a generous pay plan. Distributors earn 10 percent of 6 levels on the volume your team generates each month. A simple illustration is a person has a team that all has 300 of business volume. In the Unilevel, you earn $30 on 6 levels. Your unilevel can go as wide as you can build it.

There is a marketing program that uses a simple 2 x 2 Cycler to get Cash and VelociTea into as many peoples’ hands as possible. Detox Cash is a $79.95 one-time purchase that enters you into your sponsor’s 2 x 2 cycler. The 2 spots on your first level pay out $10 a piece if you sponsor the people that fall in those positions. The 4 spots on your second level pay out $20 each and another $10 if you sponsor the people. You earn a minimum of $80 and a maximum of $140 for each 2 x 2 cycle that you complete.

Once you cycle in Detox Cash, you also get entered into another 2 x 2 cycler under your sponsor and receive a shipment of 8 sealed packages of VelociTea at no charge. You can sell the Tea or make samples so people can try it for themselves.

Whole Wellness Club also has a Free Tea Giveaway system that allows you to ship as much of the tea to as many people as you can all over the world. Your customers only cover the shipping and handling fee of $3.95. There is no limit on offers so I strongly suggest using the Free Tea Giveaway System if you are going to build a business in the Whole Wellness Club.

You can work this business in your spare time one hour a week or as much as you want. There is the potential here to earn over $100,000 or more per month.

Hope my Whole Wellness Club Tenth Anniversary post has helped you better understand the best wellness business that is available worldwide today. It is a real celebration to be involved in the Whole Wellness Club Tenth Anniversary in June of 2017.  Contact me with any questions.

Please Contact Me if I can help you.

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  • Daniel …. that is an awesome recap of the beginning of Whole Wellness Club. It was a very exciting time and it’s just amazing how the product line has grown with really effective products and how fast 10 yrs has gone by already. Here’s to many, many more years of this company providing products that will help people with their health, help them save money and make some money if they desire too.

    • Barbara, I would never have met you if it had not been for the Whole Wellness Club. We all have many memories of all the excitement from people as they share how their health has improved from the whole food nutritional products that the company offers. I also like the stories of people that have made money here. All you have to do is share how the products impacted you and invite people to the company calls.

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