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Nine Ways to Overcome Temptation

Do you struggle with using substances like alcohol, drugs, food, gambling, sex or sugar?
Want to know how to claim the power to overcome these temptations?

1. Go to God’s Word Daily
( Bible ) Is God’s Love Letter to Us

2. Treat Other People as Jesus
Love People Just Like God Does Even if They Are Unlovable

3. Sever the Source of Temptation

4. Think About Eternal Results
In the long run, does the temptation make me happy?

5. Enjoy the Pleasures of Moral Purity
Honor Your Father & Mother
Tell the Truth
Worship God and Put God First

6. Avoid Talking About Failures
Keep Your Mind Focused on Jesus

7. Stare at Jesus and His Ways

8. Fight Off the Temptation
Put on the Whole Armor of God
Focus on Jesus

9. Fear Not, I Am With You Always
As human beings, we do not overcome temptation by trying to get as close to the edge as we can. At the Grand Canyon, there is no need to get close to the edge for the best views. Ten feet from the edge of the Grand Canyon is just as spectacular a view.

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