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Exercise in the Garden

27. May 2009

Growing an organic garden takes work. You have to remove weeds without chemicals. It is also a good idea to turn the soil twice a year. I am throwing all of my compost waste into the garden bed.

It is nice to look at the yard and garden and be almost weed free. Pulling weeds by hand is a good form of exercise. I have some cultivating tools that help in areas where you don’t need to worry about hurting either seed germination or beautiful flower roots.

One thing is certain though. With the long summer days now here (daylight here from 04:00 until 22:00 right now), everything grows quickly including weeds. I will be back in the garden on Sunday pulling any new weeds that appear. When we go into our dry season, the weeds also slow down their growth.

25. May 2009

Just finished the sixth day of working outside on the small farm here in Northwest Washington. Funny thing is when I think I am almost caught up, I start seeing new weeds in the vegetable garden that will need to be pulled. It is so important in the spring to make sure my crops get a good healthy head start and stay away from those pesky little weeds.

After a long winter of sitting at my desk and working on websites and internet marketing, I am feeling the past six days of long hours out on the farm. It is a good thing that I have been faithful with my walking, stretching, and yoga every morning except for the Sabbath Day! It makes the transition to the summer season of work outside easier.

Fresh air and sunshine are great for our health. We need to get more of both in today’s stressful world.

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