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Short Term Goals

7 Answers to Make It Happen

2011 Myriam Callegarin  Business Leadership Coach  www.effective-actions.com

Why make it more complicated than it is? Simple questions. Some of them may surprise you. But it’s your answers that will make the real difference: They are the ones that will move you and your business toward a totally new level. If you want it. Check this out:


What do you really want to achieve within the next 6 months? Be BOLD.
Own a Recreational Vehicle later this year.
Move south to warm and sunny climate.
Grow business and help other people create income and improve their health.

What evidence will prove that you have achieved it? Be SPECIFIC.
No longer living in rainy Washington State.
Very active network in business.

Why is it important to you? Be HONEST.
Serve God and others. Be able to help myself and others improve their health.

What do you need to believe to make that happen? Be DEEPLY CONFIDENT.
It is possible. It is in motion. God is moving me in the right direction.

What are some different ways you could achieve that? Be CREATIVE.
Shut off gmail and facebook and do my work.
Unsubscribe from lists I am on.

Who is in the best position to help you? Be SMART.
Chuck Dhuey, owner Whole Wellness Club as I just invite people to his conference calls.

What actions will you take today to start making things happen? Be PRO-ACTIVE.
Unsubscribe from marketers messages about the latest software or gadget.

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