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How to Tell a True Prophet

This is a summary of a sermon by Phillip Sizemore about how many people have rejected Prophets called by God. Here is the link to the video by Pastor Sizemore:

Prophetic Proof

God’s prophets have been rejected by the majority of people since recorded history began. It is interesting how Daniel 2 predicted world history over 500 years before the Kingdom of Babylon ( present day Iraq ) reigned on earth.

Noah, Moses, Jeremiah, John the Baptist and even a woman named Ellen White in the 19th century have all been rejected. The Holy Bible is still valid today as it was written by Inspired Men of God. The Dead Sea Scrolls uncovered in the 20th century quoted Isaiah on the scrolls exactly as the Book of Isaiah reads in a copy of today’s Bible. Satan attacked God’s Word and so many people are deceived by Satan because they are not reading the Word of God.

Here are six principles on how we can tell whether a prophet is a true or false prophet.

1. In Harmony with the Word of God
Scripture source is Isaiah 8:20

2. Predictions Come to Pass
Scripture source is Jeremiah 28:9

3. Edifies the Church
Scripture source is 1 Corinthians 14:3-4

4. Exalts Jesus Christ
Scripture source is 1 John 4:2

5. Bears Good Fruit
Scripture source is Matthew 7:16-18

6. Will Write about Daniel 8:14
Scripture source says: And he said to me, “For two thousand three hundred days; then the sanctuary shall be cleansed.”

If you have never been shown what the 2,300 year prophecy timeline reveals, here is a great resource to explain it.

Prophecy Resources


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