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When Does Your Company Pay You?

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Yesterday afternoon, 1 June 2011 was a very busy day as I had multiple transactions going on in business and had to interact with people locally and online. I decided to drop into my back office of the Whole Wellness Club which is my primary business. The company owners had already loaded the May 2011 commissions. There is a feature in the commission manager that allows you to load your commissions to a Global Cash Card which is a debit card available to all of our members around the world. I even get a free text message from Global Cash as soon as the funds are loaded onto my card!

Sometime today the owners will process my request for commissions and the funds will be on my card ready for use. If I want to withdraw to a bank account, I can do that as well for just $1.50. The days of waiting for a check are over. My testimony is that for the past 2 years, I have been paid commissions for the previous month the very first week of the new month. When does your company pay you? I have been in companies that don’t even let you know what you earn until about 3 weeks into the month. Come Join a Winning company with high quality products that will improve your health guaranteed!

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  • Just got a text message from Global Cash Card telling me the Whole Wellness Club company owner has paid us our commissions.

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