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Homemade Applesauce

Begin with a variety of apples.  3 works well but 2-4 is okay.  Avoid Red Delicious, they don’t break down when cooked.  Fuji, Yellow Delicious, Macintosh and Gala are my favorites.

While it is great to leave the skin on for nutrition, by this time of year the apples have been in cold storage for several months and may be rubbery.  I like my apples peeled for a nice appearance. 

Peel and quarter 6-8 pounds of apples.  Or just fill your pot to heaping.
Add 2-4 TBLS cinnamon to taste

You may use 1/2 C of brown sugar and 1 cup water or, 1 can of frozen apple juice concentrate and avoid the sugar. 

Bring the liquid to a boil, then cover and simmer on low heat until apples are soft. Stir often. Use a potato masher to stir and mash into the consistency that you like.  Eat warm or chilled and enjoy!
This is the best on pancakes or waffles!

Recipe is from Chef Mark Anthony.

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