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Tired of High Coffee Prices?

High Coffee Prices

The cost of commodities is going up. Gasoline is higher as a barrel of crude oil costs more. Every commodity is costing more due to several factors according to the Financial Times. The weather has an effect on prices. Increased demand from developing nations also is driving prices up. Starbucks, which is one of the largest coffee shops in the world announced that the cost of a latte is going up again. What can the consumer do to survive these rising costs in a tough economy?

Whole Wellness Club ( WWC ) has an answer that is much healthier. You can also get off caffeine which is a drug. See the paragraph at the bottom of this post for a safe way to wean yourself off the caffeine.

WWC has an organic greens product that give the body some concentrated nutrition and your energy level will be abundant. By giving your body enzymes, minerals, and vitamins from Caldera Greens, you will have a natural way to get through each day without harmful caffeine.

The alfalfa, barley, oats, and wheat are grown on a caldera that is rich in Fulvic Acid. This is a convex volcanic crater much like Yellowstone Park.  Fulvic Acid is the electrolyte that enables our cells to absorb nutrients and is a multi-directional antioxidant. Here are the ingredients:

25 percent Alfalfa grass juice powder
25 percent Barley grass juice powder
25 percent Wheat grass juice powder
10 percent Oat grass juice powder
15 percent Proprietary blend of Spirulina and Sea Vegetation

Many people are getting incredible results from using the Caldera Greens. An independent lab has reported to WWC that the ORAC score is 389 per gram.There are testimonial calls on the website link below. Some people are getting relief from arthritis, diabetes, and inflammation. The product also helps the body fight cancer.

You can read more about our supplier who grows the greens, harvests the juice powders through an exclusive  patented technology, and supplies WWC with the Caldera Greens on my website below:

Tell Me About Caldera Greens

How I Got Off Coffee and Caffeine

In 2004, I decided to give up coffee and caffeine. I was drinking a pot of home made coffee each day at home and then a couple of cups out during the day. I started weaning myself by reducing the scoop size that I put in the filter basket each morning. Instead of a whole scoop, I went down to 3/4 and stayed there for 2 or 3 days. The I went down to 1/2 scoop and then after a couple of days was down to 1/4 scoop.

I did have slight headaches and remember drinking a hot green tea for a few days to adjust to being without coffee. I got off that last hot green tea with caffeine and then started buying decaf green tea since then. I sleep like a baby now. I don’t drink any carbonated beverages. I do make my own distilled water each day and add 1/2 teaspoon of sea salt to add minerals to the water.

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