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Water-Universal Solvent

Just got off another excellent conference call with our spokesperson Dr. James Chappell in the Whole Wellness Club. He pointed out some interesting facts about water. Water is a universal solvent. It is critical to optimum health.

What is rain water? When the sun hits a body of water, the energy causes water molecules to evaporate into the air and form clouds. When the clouds get heavy enough, the clouds release rain. Hundreds of years ago the rain was pure. It is not anymore because of our dirty atmosphere.

Drinking distilled water over time can leach out minerals from your body. The better way to hydrate your body if you drink distilled water is to add a pinch of sea salt to an 8 ounce glass of water. That way your water will not remove minerals from your body. To learn more about the Whole Wellness Club, just click on my website here and listen to the videos and recorded calls in the Conference Call section:

Whole Wellness Club

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