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Table Talk by Martin Luther

Table Talk

If you are a Christian ( Catholic or Protestant ) you owe it to yourself to read “Table Talk” by Martin Luther. Table Talk reveals horrible events of the Dark Ages. Thousands of people were put to death because of this one courageous priest that studied his Bible & realized that the practices of the Roman Catholic church were not only leading people astray but were abominations according to the Word of God. Luther did not want to start a new church. Luther wanted the Papal system of Rome to correct all of the errors & here is a list of the most deceptive:

table talk reformation

1. Saved by works
2. Transubstantiation ( sacraments become the blood & body of Christ )
3. Immortal soul
4. Purgatory
5. Must go to priest for confession of sins
6. Sunday sacredness
7. Idol worship ( Mary )
I don’t personally know the current pope & have no reason to not respect him but have learned that his actions recently make people think he is a wonderful man. Did you know that he has performed foot washing ceremonies on marginalized people? He in turn did not allow anyone else to wash his feet.
According to the Bible in John 13, Jesus washed His Disciples feet; however, they did not wash Jesus’ feet. Jesus was sinless & did not need His feet washed. The pope’s actions of not allowing a reciprocal foot washing is a subtle way of saying he is sinless like Jesus. This is another abomination.
Lord Jesus, I pray right now for the Catholic people. Father, the enemy is a clever deceiver. I was lost in the deceptions myself until I started to study Your word. Lord Jesus, I pray that people will read their Bibles as time is short. We know you came right on time in the first Advent as the Bible revealed in the Book of Daniel. Father I also pray for all the Protestant churches that have said the ‘Protest’ is over & they wish to be in agreement again with the Papal Catholic Church of Rome. May these followers of yours also study their Bibles.
I ask all these prayers in your precious name Jesus, Amen.
Here is a video from a man that came out of the Catholic deception:
If you want to order a paper copy of Table Talk, just search Bing & you will find one. Below is an online summary of Table Talk.

Gutenberg Files

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