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How I Lost 50 Pounds

Permanent Weight Loss

Much of my success in maintaining a healthy weight is attributed to an exercise program.

I have studied, researched and read much about the benefits of an exercise program. In 1998, I began a daily exercise routine and have stayed active all these years by having a simple program to follow.

Did  you know that if you just walk for 30 minutes a day, you will be healthier and help your body in a number of ways?

Studies show that an early morning workout that includes a 30 minute walk increases your metabolism rate. The rest of the day you can be sitting at a desk and the rate that your body burns calories will be higher because of the exercise. Walking also helps your cardiovascular system as well as your digestive health. Getting fresh air into the blood and lungs invigorates you. After a week of exercise, your body will be learning the new healthy behavior and walking becomes second nature to you as it makes you feel better also.

Besides walking, I also enjoy:

1. Exercise Ball

2. Inversion Table for 10 to 13 Minutes

3. Push Ups

4. Sit Ups

5. Stretching & Yoga Stretches

I spend anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes everyday except the Sabbath Day ( Saturday ) doing various physical activities. My body has responded well to the exercise.

I feel much more energy than I did when I was young and out of shape.

People have commented that I look great and have tone muscles. I never miss a workout as that is how much I value fitness now.

What do I do for those cold, rainy or snowy mornings? I have cold weather gear and head out into the elements to do a workout. I even have ice hockey skates if a local pond or small lake should freeze.

Want to feel better naturally?

Put healthy food into the body and have a solid exercise program that you can safely manage. The results are guaranteed.

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  • Once you get started, you will have a healthy habit that will be enjoyable for life 🙂

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