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Toxic World and Chemtrails

Toxic World and Chemtrails

Welcome to my Toxic World and Chemtrails post. Our world is getting dirtier each day. The air we breathe and the water we drink are toxic.

Toxic World and ChemtrailsBrowse over this website and look at the pictures taken from all over the world to see just how bad the environment has gotten in the past 10 years.


Toxic World and Chemtrails can be seen on clear days. I live in Vancouver, Washington and see chemtrails every clear day we have here.

Toxic World and ChemtrailsWhat can we do to help keep ourselves and our families from suffering from all this toxic air, water, and food? Whole Wellness Club has a detox tea that cleans the soft tissues of the body. By drinking 8 ounces of the VelociTea twice a day, your colon, kidneys, liver, and lungs will be gently cleansed by five safe herbs.

The ingredients are:

1. Blessed Thistle
2. Malva Leaves
3. Marshmallow Leaves
4. Milk Thistle
5. Persimmon Leaves

VelociTeaThese herbs have been used for thousands of years and our VelociTea formulation is helping thousands of people stay regular with their digestion. Try a week of VelociTea and experience the cleanse for yourself. You can order one week by going to my secure site here:

Get a VelociTea Sample Now

If you can afford to live in a secluded forest or on a remote island that is close to the sea, you are blessed. You will not be exposed to the toxic air that most people are.

One other suggestion I have is to keep your home exposed to as much fresh air as possible. I crack my windows in the winter so I can get some fresh air inside. We all need oxygen so allowing fresh air inside is important for our health.

In the summer, I keep my windows open most of the time. If you live in the city like I do, sometimes someone will drive by that has an old vehicle. The exhaust from old vehicles is very unhealthy so I will close my windows if I realize I am breathing in polluted air.

Hope you have learned something from reading my Toxic World and Chemtrails post.

Contact Me if I can be of service to you!

Daniel Parsons

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