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My seven year old Dell desktop has serious driver problems. I had Windows XP Home 2002 edition software. The geek squad at Best Buy told me they can probably pull the database and other files off my hard drive and put the files on an external drive for me.

Machines only last so long. Technology changes so fast. I am writing on a new Toshiba laptop right now. This new laptop has Windows 7 software. The new technology is amazing. There is far more memory on this laptop than my desktop had.

I am really thankful that my system crashed near commissions payout time with the Whole Wellness Club. Our company owner pays us faster than any other company period. I had my funds on my Global Cash Card at 17:00 hours Pacific time on 3. September 2010 and this allowed me to stay on top of my customers orders so as to not delay any product shipments.

If you would like to learn more about creating a second income with the Whole Wellness Club, contact me with any questions.

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  • 7 years !! I used to go through computers every 2-3 years but I think the one I have now is about 5. It’s nice to upgrade with the new technology. Your old computer was just wore out :-). Only 7 weeks until WWC Conference in Santa Barbara. Exciting things are happening for all Whole Wellness Members and future ones !

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