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Did you know that Mineral deficiencies have been linked to over 150 diseases? Or that you and everyone you know is most likely mineral deprived?

The Whole Wellness Club is pleased to offer a simple solution, re-mineralize with Coral Complex 3, a coral mineral dietary supplement with Vitamin D3. We are thrilled with the positive results that are being reported by many of our members and encourage you to view them on our Coral Complex 3 product page.


What an amazing product! I started on the Coral Complex 3 just 5 days ago and since then dramatic changes have taken place. At first, I noticed the pain in my hands left. That was enough to make me extremely happy because they really hurt all the time. Usually, it was hard to concentrate because the pain just shot across the tops of my hands in waves that were really quite painful. I know how damaging drugs are so I just lived with it (most of the time), but now the pain is gone!

Then yesterday, I noticed two things that really shocked me. First, I needed something from the basement and trotted downstairs. I stopped, did a double take, and said “Whoa! What just happened?” You see, before taking the minerals, I could barely cripple down the stairs. Whenever repairmen came to the house I made sure they went down the steps before me because I didn’t want anyone to see how difficult it was for me to go down those steps. I had to put most of my weight on both handrails and still it felt like my legs & feet were going to just give out and send me flying down face first. It was both weakness and pain that made me so crippled. But yesterday I just trotted down the steps!! I trotted back up to see if I could do that. I could! Before, I had to pull myself up slowly by clinging to the handrails. I went up and down several times because I couldn’t believe what I was seeing!

Later, I went outside to try to soak up a little more vitamin D from the sun so I lay down on a blanket in the yard and said “Whoa!” again. I actually got up and tried it again. Getting up has always been extremely difficult when I got down on my knees and getting up from lying on the ground was a circus. I used to think, “If I am like this at 57,what will I be like at 60, or 65?” So I did the same thing. I lay down. I got up. I still have a little struggle but I don’t look crippled anymore. I have a feeling that will continue to improve too as it’s only been 5 days so far.

Also, the pain in my elbows is gone. The pain in my left foot is 90% gone. That was a biggie. I have had quite a problem with that foot for years and now there is just a twinge or 2 left in a day. This kind of improvement is just incredible.

Lastly, I have suffered from adrenal fatigue for about 10 years. Tests showed that I made enough cortisol but not enough Aldosterone, the hormone that regulates hydration. For years I have had to get up every one or two hours with an extremely full bladder. Yes, I was taking a1/2 teaspoon of salt twice a day but still could not keep liquids in me. Let me tell you, by morning I was so dehydrated that my tongue stuck to the roof of my mouth and I felt terrible. Nothing I have done has helped with this situation. I have tried all manner of adrenal help in the form of herbs,desiccated glands, homeopathy, and acupuncture.  I tried it all but actually felt worse when I did. This week, since I started on the Coral Complex 3 I went for 3 hours (at night) without getting up. This happened just a few times in the beginning. For the last 2 nights I have gone 3 and 4 hours and my bladder, though full, was not full to the point of pain like before. Dr. Joel Walldoch says hormone problems are caused by a Boron deficiency so I checked the bottle and sure enough CC3 has Boron so I have to think it’s got something to do with this improvement. It’s only been 5 days so far. I expect I will see yet more improvement.

– Kathy in Wisconsin

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