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Comparision Between Now Optimal Digestive System and Peak ‘With’ Digestive Enzymes

Our recent conference call with Troy Aupperle, CEO of Enzymology Research Inc. shared some important information for people that are using natural products to improve their health. Our Peak Enzymes ‘Without’ a meal will soon have the new Profusionase and the amount per capsule will be measured in activity units. The new disclosure will allow Peak Enzymes to prove the amount of nattiokinase in the systemic enzymes. Troy consults with Dr. Halsworth to formulate the Peak Enzymes. Dr. Halsworth has written many healthy journals about the benefits of nattokinase and the cardiovascular system. Whole Wellness Club will host Dr. Halsworth with Troy on a conference call in the near future.

In other news, Troy did a comparison between Now Optimal Digestive System and our Peak Enzymes ‘With’ a Meal. Both products are digestive enzymes. You can listen to that recorded call by clicking here: Digestive Enzymes

Now Optimal Digestive SystemPeak Enzymes ‘With’ a Meal
90 Veggie Capsules90 Veggie Capsules
Serving Size 2 capsules per mealServing Size 1 capsule per meal
2 Protease with 21,000 units6 Protease with 45,000 units
5 Amylase (carb) with 3,500 units12 Amylase with 10,000 units
1 Lipase 500 FIP2 Lipase with 1,400 FIP
8 total enzymes at 10 cents per capsule20 total enzymes at 31 cents per capsule
Rice Bran, Maltodextrin, and Silica98 percent enzymes by weight, no fillers


You would have take 4 of the Now capsules to get close to what Peak Enzymes offers in our Digestive Enzymes product. Call me for more details and save $6 on a package of enzymes. This website also has more details: Peak Enzymes

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  • The quality, benefits and cost are exceptional with Peak Enzymes. There are no other enzyme products out on the market that can compare to these. After being presented with the info above and listening in on Whole Wellness Calls with Troy Aupperle it is a no brainer as to what enzyme product I’ll take, continue to take and share with others.

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