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Certified Inbound Marketing Professional

Another really good day today as God provides and all that is required of me is suit up and show up. Was up at 04:30 and took care of business and drove down to Everett to get on commuter rail into Seattle. You can actually travel faster on public transit than you can driving yourself.

I took care of business and started to come back up to the Canadian border where I live. Wal Mart built a huge new store about 40 miles south of my farm in Mt. Vernon. I needed some supplies so I stopped in. Found some really good bargains and decided to get myself a new cd player since my older one no longer is working properly. I actually found a cd player that also is am/fm stereo and has a cassette tape player. I still have many good tapes so this unit is really handy. Listening to some Asian meditation right now and my siamese cat is beside himself listening to all of the bird chirp noises from the music.

Got home and had a couple of voice mails and an email box slam full of messages. I received word that I passed the Hubspot Inbound Marketing Professional Certification. I have a neat pdf file now to give out to clients when they ask about credentials. Also posted the certification on my sites and blogs. Time you spend online learning how to do marketing is well worth the effort when you can pass that simple exam. Click the IMU link if you want to learn more about Inbound Marketing University.

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