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“Know Your Options” Call Series with Dr. James Chappell

Here are the recorded calls with Dr. Chappell about specific health challenges:

Alzheimers http://www.holyteaclub.com/audio/audio/DrChappell080609.mp3

Benefits of Fasting http://www.holyteaclub.com/audio/audio/DrChappell100809.mp3

Blood Impurities http://www.holyteaclub.com/audio/audio/DrChappell082009.mp3

Blood Sugar Diabetes

Brief 15 Minute Call with Chuck Dhuey about PEAK Enzymes http://www.holyteaclub.com/audio/audio/ChuckonPeakEnzymes.mp3

Cancer http://www.holyteaclub.com/audio/audio/DrChappell072309.mp3

Enzymes and Your Health http://www.holyteaclub.com/audio/audio/DrChappell100109.mp3

Enzyme Formulator & World Class Athlete Troy Aupperle on Peak Enzymes http://www.holyteaclub.com/audio/audio/Troy101309.mp3

Harmful Inorganic Salt & How Your Internal Sodium / Potassium Pump Works http://www.holyteaclub.com/audio/audio/DrChappell092409.mp3

Heart Disease http://www.holyteaclub.com/audio/audio/DrChappell071609.mp3

Heavy Metal Toxicity http://www.holyteaclub.com/audio/audio/DrChappell091709.mp3

Parkinsons http://www.holyteaclub.com/audio/audio/DrChappell081309.mp3

Sleep Apnea http://www.holyteaclub.com/audio/audio/DrChappell082709.mp3

Stroke http://www.holyteaclub.com/audio/audio/DrChappell073009.mp3

Yeast & Fungus http://www.holyteaclub.com/audio/audio/DrChappell090309.mp3

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