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This past Sunday was a different day for me. All my life I have been led to believe that you need to eat 3 meals a day. Our society makes eating a big deal. If you read in the Bible, Moses and Jesus both fasted.  After listening to Dr. Chappell’s recorded call about the Importance of Fasting, I decided to do a one day cleanse and experienced some interesting outcomes.

I chose the fast that has you add 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt, 1/4 cup of raw honey, and 1/4 cup of lemon juice with a pinch of cayenne to a gallon of distilled water. You drink 8 ounces starting as soon as you wake up and continue with 8 ounces on the hour until the gallon is finished. I never got hunger pains and I attribute that to being properly hydrated. I also took the Peak Enzymes that include the Digestive Enzymes and Systemic Enzymes. I could feel the enzymes working on an empty stomach. I slept like a baby last night and when the alarm rang at 04:40, I felt refreshed and ready to go today.

I sense the Enzymes are even more effective now that I did a one day cleanse. The enzymes also help give people more energy because your body is not having to use energy to break down food which is where 60 percent of your energy goes if you don’t use an enzyme supplement. If you are ready to feel up to 20 years younger:

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I had no problems with my 90 minute exercise routine and then cooked a bowl of oatmeal and added some blueberries and cinnamon in along with a little bit of honey on top. I mix those ingredients into the oatmeal and had some fruit and whole wheat toast plain without any butter or jam.

The detox on Sunday will become a regular part of my routine now that I know what to expect. Just listen to Dr. Chappell’s message on that recorded link and imagine the health benefits of detoxing, repairing, and removal of harmful substances from your body every Sunday!

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  • That fast sounds like something we should all do occasionally to cleanse the body and give it a rest. I am using both enzymes and feel a significant difference in how I feel. I’m more focused, have more energy and sleeping so much better. I just read an article about a woman who added digestive enzymes to her daily diet and lost some weight. Sounds like something I wouldn’t mind happening for me:-) and it would be safe weight loss. Healthy Blessings, Barbara Arbster

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