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Mind Mapping, Personal Development and Coaching

Today was a great start to the week as I had a great conversation with Myriam Callegarin. Myriam is a Management Consultant and Career Coach. She introduced me to the principle of Mind Mapping. She had me set a goal and write the goal in a circle in the middle of a page on landscape format.

The next step was to branch a line vertically and list My Expectations for achieving the goal. I listed four reasons for wanting to achieve my goal and then went to the next step. Draw another line horizontally to the left and write: My Challenges/Obstacles. I listed those and then drew one last horizontal line to the right. This line is labeled: What I Can Do.

The coaching session was very effective as I found ways to better focus on what will help me with reaching my goal. Myriam helped me discover ways to improve my efficiency as well as attract new customers for business. My website is also going to be updated due to some good constructive feedback.

I highly recommend Myriam Callegarin.

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  • Thanks for the recommendation. Setting goals, managing our time and focusing are extremely important to our type of work, especially because we work from home. Healthy Blessings !

  • Yes, we have to separate private life from the office. I find that I actually work harder for myself at home than I ever did for an employer.

    My lunch is only 15 minutes or so to just eat and take my supplements. I don’t spend any time surfing the internet and often spend some hours after normal business hours working on blogs, domains, and newsletters.

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