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Who Is Your Doctor

Who Is Your Doctor

Welcome to my Who Is Your Doctor post where I share how to take better care of your body. Health care is a major part of a person’s life and should be a priority for everyone.

Our society has two main viewpoints about who is responsible for your health.  The first ideology is the most common.

1. Fast – Junk – Processed Animal Food Industry
2. Want What I Want Now
3. Big Pharmaceutical Drug Industry ( 100 years )
4. Give Me Pills
5. Disease Care
6. Doctor In Charge of My Health

1. Healthy Plant Based Foods ( grow your own organic if you can )
2. Be Patient & Work Hard to Build Your Dream
3. Natural Healing Remedies Used for 5,000 Years
4. Find Out Root Cause of Health Issue
5. Real Health Care
6. I Am My Own Doctor & Am Responsible for My Health

who is your doctorI lived in the first philosophy for 40 years of my life. My mind started shifting at my last union job. I am not anti-union but it is not for me as I believe in using the skills that God has gifted me with to create my own destiny. God made us to be God Like which is creating things. 🙂

I now understand why I could no longer listen to the media. All you see is advertisements that promote the top list which is a vicious cycle that traps people into a very unhealthy path.

Real Health Care Is Trusting In God, Asking God to Guide Your Path, Making Healthy Choices for Yourself & Learning to Take Care of You as No One Else Will 🙂

who is your doctorI feel better now years later than I did when I was 40 years old and still eating the Standard American Diet which consists of red meat, dairy, fast foods, junk foods and unhealthy foods.

If you need some help making the shift from the first ideology to the one where you take charge of your life, let me know. I hope my Who Is Your Doctor post has helped you.

The picture with me on my hockey skates was made in 2017. I go ice skating once a week for 2 hours. I lost 75 pounds in 1999 and have kept the weight off since.

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  • Yes we all have a huge responsibility for our own health … what we put into our bodies … making healthy choices in food and exercise.

    • So true Barbara. IF I sit on the couch, eat junk food and believe that the government will take care of my health, I am in for a rude awakening. Everyday over 10,000 people turn 65 years young and all of these people are searching for better health and an income stream.

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