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Spiritual Growth

Spiritual Growth is the most important aspect of my life today.

Years ago I heard a man in a spiritual group meeting in a church basement in New Hampshire say: “Grow or Go”.

spiritual growthI knew right away that he meant we should strive to walk closer to God on a daily basis. In my own personal journey, I have not achieved perfection & realize I never will. I have made progress though.

My journey of walking a spiritual life began as a young child. I learned the fundamental principle that there is some power that many refer to as God that made the world we live in.

In my youth, I lived a life similar to the Prodigal Son described in the Bible. My family tried to rescue me a couple of times. At the age of 34, I was faced with the reality of liver failure from my riotous living. I had to Grow or Go.

God as I did not understand Him at that time put everyone & everything into place that I needed to begin the growth phase of my life. I have asked God for help since that morning in February 1994. I have made some bad decisions along the way and realize that every human being on the planet makes mistakes just like me. I had to surrender my whole being to God through deep and sincere prayer in 2016 and now and am back on a powerful period of spiritual growth.

study-bibleIn 2004, I began reading the Holy Bible. I ask God each time I open the Book to guide my understanding. I also attend weekly Bible classes to be instructed by a mentor and hear other people’s interpretations of the Scriptures.

The biggest single principle that I have learned is that God is Pure Love. His Love and Character are revealed in His Moral Law which is known as the Ten Commandments.

Many sincere Christians say that it is not necessary to keep God’s Moral Law but they are mistaken. Here is why:

  1. Written In Stone by the Finger of God
  2. Eternal In Nature
  3. Our Government Has Laws

Even before there was a nation of Israel, man knew the principles of God’s Law which is Pure Love. By keeping God’s Law, we are saying I surrender to you God. I want you to teach me how to Grow. I want spiritual growth in my life.

I am not saved by keeping God’s Law. I am not a legalist either. I am a Loyalist and look at His Moral Law as Ten Promises. I do not look at God’s Law as bondage or rules that are impossible to follow.

Jesus tells us in John 14:15: If you love Me, keep My commandments.

So here are the Promises that God is making to me by Daily Prayer and Bible Study. Because You Love Me Daniel:

  1. You won’t find it necessary to have another God. I brought you out of bondage.
  2. You won’t need any idols like gambling, movie stars or sports stars or sports teams.
  3. You won’t need any images or pornography or any evil thing in your life. You won’t take my name in vain or use foul language.
  4. You won’t need to be a workaholic and you won’t have to try to work your way to heaven. I provided your ticket to heaven through Jesus Christ.
  5. You won’t disrespect elders and you will live a long and fruitful life.
  6. You won’t murder someone in your mind or physically harm another human being that I created.
  7. You won’t need to have adulterous relationships.
  8. You won’t need to steal what does not belong to you.
  9. You won’t need to bear false witness or lie to anyone.
  10. You won’t need to covet what does not belong to you.

So there you have the Ten Promises. I hope I can help you with your spiritual walk if you want these Promises in Your Life. Just Contact me if you are looking for spiritual growth in your life or need help or want to find a group of Bible believers where you live.

The Truth Shall Set You Free. I am Free Today, Praise God !

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