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Spiritual Health and Its Impact on Our Overall Health

Just got in from an excellent prayer meeting at my local church. We covered the Topic of Alcohol. There are many passages in the Bible that say drinking is not good. Study Proverbs and Isaiah and some of the other prophets and you will see how people 3,000 years ago had similar problems that our society has today. In our local area, a young man was drunk today and murdered his wife and young child. Sad but a reality in our world and the liquor industry just keeps on going because of the money in the liquor business.

One thing that I have learned in the past couple of years is our general health and well being is very much impacted by our Spiritual Health. When I have a close relationship with my Higher Power (Jesus), I want to take care of my Temple. That means waking up early each morning to give myself the time to go for a walk and do some strengthening exercises.

As a result, my mood is better which affects my emotional and mental well being. Chances of me being depressed are greatly reduced if I am taking care of my Spiritual, Emotional, Mental, and Physical health. Praise the Lord!

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