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How to Be Successful in a Home Based Business

Part of my development has been reading and listening to positive input every day. Have you noticed that the ‘idiot box’ has mostly doom and gloom in their programs? I am not saying there are not good programs available. I am saying be careful what your mind sees because it affects your mental and emotional life.

Here are two key principles I have learned for being successful in a home based business:

1. Dream – What would you like to happen in your life? Here are some common dreams:

  • Pay off mortgages.
  • Pay for children’s education.
  • Take vacations.
  • Retire from working.
  • Help family members.

2. Focus – To make your dream happen, it is imperative that you get focused and remain focused on your dream and written goals. Did you know that there are thousands of people that have completed the course work requirements for their Ph. D. but have not completed their dissertation? Why?

The reason is that a dissertation requires the candidate to create a major project on their own outside of a structured class room. The candidate likely has been sitting in a class room for 18 years and has had structure. Their professor has assigned reading and projects for all of these years. Now the candidate must produce a major project on their own.

Many people come into the Network Marketing industry and realize the potential. The reason some people succeed while others don’t is the same principle of a Doctoral Candidate. Focus is something that must come from within. Here are some excerpts from Dr. Tom Barrett’s book Success Happens.

  1. Successful people say “Yes” to their Dreams and No to Distractions
  2. Successful people are guided by their focus and not by their feelings
  3. Successful people remember their vision for life and ignore day-to-day vicissitudes
  4. Successful people know the price of success is discipline….on a daily basis

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  • Excellent Article ! Healthy Blessings, Barbara Arbster

  • Hi Daniel, You are absolutely dead on target with this article! If anyone has any doubts all they have to do is pick up the books you recommend. The last book you told about: “Dare to Dream and Work to Win” was excellent, it really tells you what you have to do to be a success and make that good income everyone’s dreaming about. I am ordering this next book “Success Happens” now. Thanks Daniel

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