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Top 10 Prescribed Drugs In America

Top 10 Prescribed Drugs

There are tens of millions of people on prescription drugs in North America. Many of the drugs are for treating lifestyle diseases. The problem is that the medications only treat the symptoms of the illness or disease. People can empower themselves to get off medications by changing some habits. Lifestyle diseases include:

1. Arthritis

2. Cancer

3. Diabetes

4. Obesity

Here is the list of medications that people are using in 2011 and the lifestyle illness that the drugs are treating:

1. Vicodin ( pain )

2. Zocor  ( cholesterol )

3. Lisinopril  ( high blood pressure )

4. Synthroid  ( thyroid )

5. Norvasc ( high blood pressure )

6. Prilosec ( digestive tract problems )

7. Zithromax ( anti biotic )

8. Glucophage ( diabetes )

9. Hyrdrochlorothiazide ( high blood pressure )

The report ended after 9 medications. You can listen to Dr. James Chappell explain what these medications are used for and how to take action to change your lifestyle and get off medications. Dr. Chappell states that there are times when you should use pain medications. He clarifies how long you should use the medication and when to let go of the pain killers because people become addicted to pain killers. Click the link below to listen to the recorded call:

Tell Me More About the Whole Wellness Club

Drugs are highly acidic and poison the body. Side effects from drugs often causes people to have more health problems resulting in more medications. Changing lifestyle habits like eating a healthy diet, drinking plenty of pure water avoiding sodas and coffee, getting daily exercise and getting plenty of rest will have a large impact on a person’s health.

Whole Wellness Club helps people with lifestyle diseases naturally. The products have NO side effects. The use of herbs and botanicals has a history of over 5,000 years and people used natural healing thousands of years before there was a pharmaceutical drug industry or an FDA. You have a choice. Take medications with side effects or improve your lifestyle and use natural solutions for your health challenges. Find out more by going to my Whole Wellness Club site below. You can join the Club for free.

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