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Do You Know Anyone with Serious Health Problems?

Here are some basic principles that I have learned while taking care of my health. In 1990, one out of ten people were diagnosed with cancer. In 2009, one out of two people will end up with cancer. Why is cancer becoming an epidemic now?

Diet and lack of exercise are the major reasons cancer is so prevalent now. I listen to Dr. James Chappell two times a week on conference calls. He has been studying naturopathic health for 38 years. He gave us an excellent statement last night on a call and his comments are a combination of what he has learned from all of the doctors he has studied under in the past.

When someone you know has a serious illness the person is TOXIC and has a Suppressed Immune System. Allopathic medicine will treat people with serious illnesses with chemotherapy and prescription drugs.  Prescription drugs are necessary in certain conditions but they are toxic for your health in the long run because prescription drugs are very acidic. So what practical steps can someone that is very ill do for their health via naturopathic health?

A. Detoxify Body
1. Stop doing unhealthy things like:

  • eating an acidic diet
  • no exercise
  • poor sleep habits
  • drinking acidic beverages like coffee and sodas

2. Start living healthier by:

  • eating a diet of fruits, legumes, nuts, veggies
  • get daily exercise even if it is 3 ten minute walks
  • get outside and get fresh air and sunshine
  • sleep 8 hours or a little more if needed
  • drink half of your ideal body weight in water each day

You can alkalize that water and help your aquaporins get the toxins out of your cells by drinking alkalized Real Water. This product gets chlorine out of your water and makes your own water a negative charge with a pH level of 9.4. Please go to my website for more information: Real Water Concentrate

B. Modulate the Immune System

Dr. Chappell commented that building up your Immune System is critical for anyone with a serious illness.

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