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Testimony Maker Package

Testimony Maker Package

Welcome to my Testimony Maker Package blog post. Are you where you want to be financially right now? Are you as healthy as you want to be? If you answered no to either question, read this post and see how you can take action on improving your health and finances!

I am sure you have heard the statement made famous by Wallis Simpson, Duchess of Windsor : “You can never be too rich or too thin!”

Testimony Maker PackageThe baby boom generation is retiring in record numbers each and every day. The most important issues with these retiring people is having their health and enough income.

Whole Wellness Club is a perfect solution for helping those people and anyone else that is looking for a solution to common problems in our society today.

The Club is a global business based in Wisconsin and has been debt free since the first day the company started shipping detox tea to customers in June 2007. The Better Business Bureau seal is on the corporate website. Thousands of people have improved their health and have earned anywhere from $100 extra each month up to thousands of dollars in monthly income.

In 2011, the company introduced the Testimony Maker package. The package is a loss leader and is offered by the company to help people introduce others to the company.

The package includes all of the Whole Wellness Club consumable whole food products. The package is only offered the very first time a person orders from the Club. It is known as a one time offer.

Here are the products offered in the package:

Testimony Maker PackageCaldera Greens Capsules

Cinnamon Six

Coral Complex 3

Peak Enzymes ( Digestive + Systemic )

Perfect Grape


The reason the company called this package the Testimony Maker is anyone that uses the products as directed will notice a large improvement in their health and energy level.

The detox tea will clean the digestive tract and all of the organs of the body. The Caldera Greens will also assist in cleansing and give people abundant energy (without caffeine ) from the nutrition. The Cinnamon Six will balance the blood sugar level in the body.

The minerals will make sure your body is getting the proper balance of minerals that our food no longer has. The enzymes will help your digestive system break down the nutrition in your food and the systemic enzymes will remove plaque from arteries and relieve inflammation as well as strengthen the immune system.

The Perfect Grape will help slow down the aging process with Resveratrol, Quercitin, and Ellagic Acid. Many studies have been done that show the Muscadine Grape has helped people with cancer, diabetes and other health challenges.

The package is available to new people registering in the Whole Wellness Club only. You save $77 off the wholesale price of $276 for the package and pay only $199. The one time offer will never appear again so don’t miss out on improving your health and experiencing a powerful testimony.

You now have something to talk about and can share with people that you know and meet everyday! This unlocks the powerful pay plan and the company will pay you for each person you refer to the Testimony Maker Package!

Did you know that over 35 million people have a home based business? We have found that the best business to have now is one that earns residual income.

When you have a product that gives people a significant result, the customer will want that product again the next month and your business earns residual income each and every month after that first sale has been made.

The pay plan with the Whole Wellness Club is based on 40 years of experience that the owners have as entrepreneurs in the home based business industry.

You only need to share the company with 2 people and encourage them to find 2 people that want to create a better life also.

The Club does not make earning money difficult. The company pays out over 58 percent of the revenue back to the field. The Simplicity Pay Plan is a unilevel that has 6 levels with dynamic compression.

Use the marketing calls that are held two times a week to invite your guests and let the company owner explain why the Club is the place to roll up your sleeves and create a powerful and secure future.

Testimony Maker PackageThere are members in the Club from many different nations of the world. People in Africa that have had to live off $300 of income per month are now earning $1,000 per month or more. This opportunity is making a large difference in these members lives.

There is a large group in Russia as well. Free enterprise has taken hold in Russia and the people are taking the opportunity and creating powerful businesses from home.

You also begin building your Simplicity Pay unilevel that unlocks residual income for you. This structure is incredible as you can earn large incomes that people dream about. You can find out all of the details about the income plan on the website provided below.

Get your package by going to my secure site below now:

Rush Me the Testimony Maker Package!

I appreciate your business and want you to know I am available anytime you have a question about our products or the opportunity to earn additional income.

Contact Me with any questions you may have.

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  • The testimony maker package is smoking hot! One friend just got hers and she has already started building her unilevel. The cost is $199 plus $16.95 shipping. It is just a one time charge and you will never again have to pay for your natural health products. You also will build income.

  • Your new members should select the Join for Free as a DISTRIBUTOR so they can earn the Fast Start and other commission bonuses. This is one of the options at the bottom of the sign up page on your affiliate site. Once the verify their information is correct, they will be directed to the shopping cart. The second item listed is the Testimony Maker package for $199. This includes all of our consumable products. The shipping charge to most locations is $16.95 for a one time total of $215.95. Your new members will never have to pay for their health products again as they will earn money and have funds in their commission account to purchase additional products for the next month. It is VERY IMPORTANT that the new member not leave the page when seeing the Testimony Maker package because the company loses money on the offer and it is a ONE TIME OFFER ONLY for new members.

  • Definitely one of the best ways to get started with the Whole Wellness Club. You get to experience the benefits of all the products which you will definitely want to share with others.

    • Yes Barbara ! The people that get the biggest results are people looking to start eating healthier. The tea will clean the toxins out of the body then the Caldera Greens, Enzymes, Perfect Grape, and Enzymes will bring people a surge of natural energy. NO Caffeine needed here and I have used the products since 2007.

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