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Justification and the Bible

I recently attended a revival service at Ojai Valley Seventh-day Adventist Christian church. Dennis Priebe is a revivalist and he gave a presentation on Justification. You can read his website that gives a much deeper explanation by going to his website below:


Here is an excellent table showing the three Christian standards about Justification. The last row is how Dennis gave us an example of a scuba diver and his need for oxygen to sustain life. Just replace oxygen in the example for Justification:


Christ for Us
Christ for Us & Christ In Us
Infused Righteousness
Christ Alone
Christ & the Holy Spirit
Through Sacraments
Accounting Us Righteous
Making Us Righteous
Merit Eternal Life
Justification >> New Birth
New Birth >> Justification
No Oxygen Tank Needed
Just Dive in the Water
Air Tank Needed &
Keep the Line Connected
Fill Tanks with Oxygen &
Dive All You Want

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