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Divine Mystery

I was blessed this morning at church. Our Sabbath School Superintendent is a very talented artist, musician, and writer. She reported about a goal she began at the beginning of 2012. Each morning, she reads from the Book of Psalms. She reflects on Psalms before beginning the day. Here is a powerful concept that she shared with us today:

When we are being creative with art, we are using our God given talents to honor God. Every human being is blessed with talents. When we use these talents, we are in a divine way in prayer to God. We are acknowledging the gifts we have been given. Here are some of the most commonly used forms of art humans engage in:

1. Cooking
2. Drawing
3. Keep a Diary or Journal
4. Music
5. Painting
6. Poetry
7. Pottery
8. Reading
9. Sculpting
10. Walking
11. Writing

So the next time I start feeling stressed out about the time it takes me in the kitchen each day to make healthy meals, I will try to remember that I am actually in prayer to my creator God. Writing blog posts has become a very useful skill. I enjoy several types of music. I go for daily walks. I do need to get out my paint set and create a painting. I should also do some drawings on the sketch pad I used back in college art class. I do keep a journal to record what my emotional life is like each day.

So I have plenty to do to keep my creative powers in use. Does anyone want to buy a television set? I only have basic cable and do enjoy PBS here in Southern California. I read that most programs on television actually work similar to hypnosis in turning off the critical thinking side of our brain. You can read more on the Natural News Blog

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