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We Are Suffocating Ourselves

Did you know that you are contributing to our loss of oxygen on the planet every time you eat a hamburger or other meat product that comes from a cow? Large corporations like McDonalds, Burger King, Wendys and Jack in the Box search for the cheapest beef to ensure higher profits. Rain forests are being cleared in countries like Brazil and Mexico so cattle ranchers can produce beef for everyone that buys fast food hamburgers. How does the clearing of rain forests impact our planet’s loss of oxygen?

Rain forests create oxygen. Plants give off oxygen in exchange for carbon dioxide which plants use as fuel. Here is an article on Wikipedia about Oxygen Levels

In 1996, Scientists drilled into ice in Antarctica deep enough to extract ice that had formed over 150 years ago. The oxygen content of the atmosphere in that ice pack was found to be 38-40 percent. These researchers checked the oxygen content recently and found our atmosphere now is 18-20 percent oxygen. That is a 50 percent drop. In large cities of the world like Tokyo, Chicago, and Mexico City the oxygen content is now ranging from 13-16 percent oxygen. No oxygen breathing organism can exist when there is 6 percent oxygen in the atmosphere. Our society is rapidly heading towards suffocation.

So if you want to slow down the destruction of rain forests in developing nations, switch to healthier alternatives. There is very little benefit in eating animal products. There is no fiber in animal products. Animal products are loaded with fat and cholesterol.

Here are some tasty alternatives to animal products. I have a section on my blog page called healthy living. You will not miss the animal products once you taste Meatless Meatloaf which is made out of lentils, oats, vegetables and walnuts. There are Black Bean Burgers that are also delicious. You will lose weight, improve your cardiovascular health, and feel better physically as well as stop contributing to the loss of rain forests in our world.

Healthy Living

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