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Excellent Idea about Comparing Naturopathic Health versus Allopathic Health

Whole Wellness Club is dedicated to improving the health of its members. There is no fee or cost to be a member.  You can join for free here at my site: Whole Wellness Club.

We challenge people to compare their current state of health now and then in one month time periods after using our products. Start a journal and record how you feel each morning when you wake up. You will feel better if you incorporate the principles that are outlined in this blog.

When someone has a disease, allopathic medicine prescribes acidic drugs that will only treat the symptoms. The underlying problems are not addressed. Ask people that are on several prescription drugs if they feel any better after a month. The problem lies in the fact that once you start on one acidic drug, you will end up needing more acidic drugs in the future. Your health will only get worse over time.

Following Dr. Chappell’s recommended program will help the body heal itself and get to the root cause of illness and certain diseases. We have a whole library of recorded calls available for people to listen to at your own computer. Just go to the Conference Call page after signing up for free in the club. Here is a short outline of the program:

  1. Detoxify Body with Holy Tea

  2. Re-Mineralize Body with Coral Complex 3

  3. Hydrate Body with Water (sodas and coffee are very acidic)

  4. Regulate Blood Sugar with Cinnamon Six

  5. Exercise Every Day

You will notice a big difference and then you can start sharing with others how you are getting well. People will notice the change in you. Refer them to Whole Wellness Club and soon your products will be paid for as those people start referring people. We are a referral marketing business that has a mission to help people both physically and financially.

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  • So true about the chemical drugs. I worked at physician offices for 12 years and watched people come in with complaints and leave with a prescription and over a course of time would be prescribed more prescriptions to treat the side effects of the initial drugs. Never ending cycle. Healthy Blessings, Barbara Arbster

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