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Did You Achieve Your Goals

Hello Everyone! Welcome to my did you achieve your goals post.

Did You Achieve Your GoalsI was on Jack Canfield’s call today and want to share some of his wisdom with you my valued subscriber.

1. Did you achieve your goals for 2016? If you failed, did you make progress on some of them?

Instead of feeling defeated on any goals that you did not complete, write on a sheet of paper three horizontal lines with about one inch separating each line. Put 2016 on the bottom line by the margin where the edge of the paper is. List things that you were able to either accomplish or get started on in 2016.

Did You Achieve Your GoalsNow put 2017 on the middle line by the margin. Set down a few simple statements on that line. Do you want to lose weight? Do you want to help others in your chosen ministry? Do you want to increase your income from $40,000 a year to $50,000 a year? These are just ideas. Take some time on a weeknight or when you decide to focus on this training and get 2017 goals on paper.

The last line will be 2018. I am writing this message in February 2017 so
planning for 2018 is just smart. Do you have some goals in mind
that you want to see accomplished by January 2018? Do you want to have
more time for travel? Do you want to be able to help family with your
time, talent, or money? Only you know where you want to be at the end of
2017 and in the future. Always remember to ask yourself did you achieve your goals.

Did You Achieve Your Goals2. Set up a time each workday to check in with an accountability partner. This could be a business associate, your minister, a close friend or a family member. Spend 5 minutes talking with each other at 07:30 or another agreed upon time that is convenient for both of you. List 5 action steps that you will engage in to move you towards those 2 horizontal lines that are time line maps of your goals.

3. If you fail to engage in any activity or are feeling down about not
achieving a goal, use tapping therapy. Do a search on Ask.com and you
can learn about releasing negative emotions using this therapy.

4. Give yourself a pat on the back. By reading these messages and taking
action on these ideas to grow your business, you are rising above the
crowd. Sadly, many people opt for a door greeter job at Kmart and sit in
front of a television at night instead of learning how to create a
powerful business in a field that inspires them.

Did You Achieve Your GoalsThere is nothing wrong with working at Kmart. I would rather be in charge of my future than have someone else tell me what I have to do each day. Learning how to create as an entrepreneur is an awesome journey. Hope you have enjoyed reading my did you achieve your goals post.

Daniel Parsons

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