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Staying Positive

Just a short note to round out the week. Spring is slow to come this year and we are all waiting for warmer weather. Everyone is anxious to be outside working in their gardens. Gardening helps keep our mood in good shape. Anything that will help me forget about life problems is good therapy!

It has been a long winter. There has been a steady stream of bad news all over the media. If you listen to the negative events all day long, your mood will get bad. I am only viewing a 30 minute business report each night (Nightly Business Report on PBS) so as to not be subjected to all of the negative talk.

In just a couple of weeks, I will be outside working in the garden every morning after exercises. My mood will improve and the fresh air is great. Staying active with a daily exercise program will get you through winter and you will be in good shape for spring planting. I always am a little sore the first few days of spring but will be fine because of my stretching. If you are not walking or exercising in some way, give it a shot. You have your overall health and wellness at stake by simply walking every day.

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  • Hello Daniel….great blog. You are so right. Nature and exercise is a powerful healer…..when you return to your source, your soul is fed. Healthy Blessings, Barbara Arbster

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