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End Groundhog Days

End Groundhog Days by Tricia Greaves

1. Identify your groundhog days – get clear – What are they?

Food Issues?
Blowing a Diet?
Start and Stop an Exercise Program?
Wasting Money on Gym Memberships When You Drop Out?
Jobs or Job Experience Burnout?
Relationships – not getting the support or love you need?
Anger Coming Out?
Paralyzed by Fears?

2. Stop Making Excuses

It is very common for someone to make excuses for our behavior. Are you blaming your parents? Blaming a spouse? Who is standing behind your justifications? Are you acting like a victim?

3. Patterns Can Change – Affirm That You Can Change

When people reach their 40’s, people become very set in their ways. However, people can change. It is never too late to adopt new behaviors.

4. Take a Look At What Does Not Work

Have you not been successful with will power? Do you read books about relationships? Are you trying to overcome the fear of attracting another difficult relationship? Knowledge is not enough to overcome your difficulty. Are you trying to overcome the problem on your own? You must find someone that has overcome a similar groundhog day issue. Support helps get rid of guilt and shame.

5. Look Beyond Groundhog Day Pattern

Alcohol, Diet, Anger and Self-Sabotage are symptoms of a deeper issue. Finding what needs to be addressed and what is going on at the root level is important for healing. There are hidden payoffs in our habits or behaviors. Are you running away from your feelings? Do you sabotage a relationship when someone gets close to us? Are you afraid of closeness? We want to be the victim of our habits.

6. Decide to Change

This is the final step and takes daily effort. As long as we have guilt, our addictions will drive us. Guilt requires punishment.

Tricia Greaves is the President of The Nelson Center for Emotional Healing, which offers workshops and concierge services for overcoming addictions, food issues, and emotional problems. To learn more about ending your Groundhog days, you are invited to join us for our upcoming workshop on June 4th, either in person or via live-streaming over the internet. For more information please visit www.TheNelsonCenter.com/workshops. Enter discount code SPECIAL FRIEND and attend for $100 instead of $495!

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