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Great Day in Business

Technology is awesome. Yesterday Global Cash Card alerted me with a text message that my Whole Wellness Club commissions were loaded onto my debit card. I went into my account and transferred the funds to my bank account. This morning I logged into the credit union and the May commissions were loaded already.

I did not know how to use a computer or what a text message on a mobile phone was in 1999. I am glad I went back to University and studied Business. One of the areas of a class mentioned how entrepreneurs build networks and create powerful futures for themselves in network marketing.

That has happened for me and it took about 6 years of steady effort. One of the people in my network called me today and asked me how he can travel that same road. He is a young man and the future is bright for him as there are millions of people searching for a solution to providing for themselves and their families.

It is a great day in business when you can accomplish much from a laptop just about anywhere in the world now. If you are interested in coming along with us, please give me a call Sunday through Friday afternoon.

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  • Yes it is a great day in business when you can operate it from anywhere in the world and especially when you work with a company that sincerely values the distributors and customers.

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