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How to Live a Long Healthy Life

Started reading The Enzyme Factor by Dr. Hiromi Shinya this morning. Dr. Shinya is a well respected doctor that first performed a colonoscopy that also allowed the removal of polyps without having to cut open a patient. Dr. Shinya states that the best way to avoid cancer and live a long healthy life is to change dietary habits. Eating a diet that consists of fresh fruits, legumes, nuts, vegetables, and whole grains is the way to stay healthy. The main reason the above diet is better for us is that your body will get enzymes from the fruits and vegetables. Enzymes are the source of energy in your body. When a living organism no longer has enzymes, life ceases.

The reason there is an epidemic of disease in western society today is the standard American diet is loaded with fat and cholesterol from animal products. Most people have been led to believe that they need to eat meat to get protein. There are abundant sources of protein from plant sources. An illustration is that the herbivores that the carnivores hunt down for prey are able to outrun them in a distance chase. The muscles of the herbivores provide the stamina to outrun the carnivores. Carnivores chase down easy to kill prey like disabled or elderly herbivores.

When the carnivores capture an animal, they immediately go and eat the internal organs that contain enzymes. So even nature knows that enzymes are the spark of life.

Drugs never cure illness or disease. Some drugs are absolutely necessary in certain situations. For long term health, drugs are not the answer though. Changing dietary habits is necessary to overcome health problems long term.

Dr. Shinya believes in enzyme therapy to help your body stay healthy. For more information about enzymes, please visit my Enzymes category on this blog. Scroll down the right hand side to the Categories section and click on Enzymes and there are many articles and recorded calls from experts in the Enzymes field.

Daniel Parsons

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  • You touched on some very important issues Daniel. The American diet is loaded with fat and sugar. If people would reduce their intake of those items they would see and feel a significant difference in their health.

    Also, we have drugs for a reason…and at times they do serve a purpose but most times health issues can be improved with a better healthier diet and increasing activity. Many people have become very inactive and need to get up and just start moving around more. Taking the stairs instead of the elevator or parking their car farther away from the store. Simple changes can start to show amazing results.

    Healthy Blessings,
    Barbara Arbster 🙂

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