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Caldera Greens Testimonial

A friend from church called me and shared that she is feeling much healthier since using Caldera Greens. Luz Silva has a spa and beauty shop. She uses her hands frequently during the day and shared the following statements with me. She is not online yet but said she is going to learn computers since her son is using them every day now.

Luz said her hands were numb and now she has all the feeling back in her hands.

Luz also stated that her digestive system is working much easier now.

Luz said that she has much more energy now and has stamina all through the day. Luz is in her early 40’s.

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  • Wow..that is a excellent testimony for what Caldera Greens can do and just how life changing the proper nutrition can do for someone. She must be so excited to be feeling so much better.

  • Yes, amazing how a product can have such a dramatic effect on your overall well being. Our food doesn’t have the nutrients our body needs so finding a great whole food product like Caldera Greens is a real blessing.

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