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Liver Detox

Here are some practical ways to help detox the liver. These steps are part of Dr. Chappell’s natural approach to liver detox. Dr. Chappell has been studying and practicing Naturopathic Health for over 40 years.

1. Perform an Enema. You can use a fresh squeezed lemon or just follow Dr. Chappell’s instructions about a Coffee Enema on the call below:


2. Perform a Dry Skin Brushing after your enema. Take a brush that is safe to brush your skin. Use a circular motion from the right rib cage area towards the heart. Do the brushing for about 3 minutes. You are removing dead skin cells, opening up the pores of your skin, and moving blood in your lymphatic blood vascular system.

3. Take a shower and wash your body and hair if needed. When finished with your shower, alternate the water from as warm as possible to as cold as possible. This hot and then cold treatment will help with the elimination of toxins from your body. You only need to spend 30 seconds or so on the cold part of the hot – cold cycle.

4. Create a castor oil poultice. Take a flannel cloth and dab some castor oil on it to be able to cover your liver. Lie down in bed with this cloth attached to your body around the right rib cage where your liver is. Place either a heating pad on low or a hot water bottle over the poultice. Lay on that side as long as possible.

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