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Tax Day

Income Taxes

April 15 has come and gone again. Did you know there are over 35 million people that lower their income tax bill legally each year? What do all those people know that you don't know? They have an established home based business. The US Congress has passed laws that create incentives for people to create small businesses. You can learn more about the 200 plus ways the tax code allows small business owners to legally save money on their income taxes by going to the IRS Website below:

Show Me the Money

A couple of examples of just how much you can save on your taxes is detailed below:

Income Taxes
Filing StatusSingle, no childrenMarried, 2 Children
Taxes without Home Business4,8089,545
Taxes with Home Business1,6082,009











The single person saves over $3,200 per year and the Married person with 2 children saves over $7,500 per year. You can clearly see that there is quite an incentive to have a home based business. Some of the large deductions are business use of home, business use of a vehicle for marketing, office supplies, cost of internet, etc.

The best home based business is the Whole Wellness Club. The Club is a global business that helps people improve their health and create additional income from home. The company started in 2007 and is debt free. Come to one of our live opportunity calls on Tuesday, Thursday or Friday at 1pm Central Time or at 9pm on Thursday evening.

Dial 775-335-3180 enter 530312 # when prompted.

Will you still be paying higher income taxes than you should on 15. April 2012?

You can learn more about the Company, the products that people don't want to be without, and the income plan at my website by registering for free below:

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