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What an exciting time to be in the health and wellness industry! VelociTea is an excellent way to clean your digestive system. Our Coral Complex 3 allows people to re-mineralize with vital minerals and enzymes. Cinnamon Six is coming in just a few more weeks!

Cinnamon 6 is a blend of six herbs and one mineral. Dr. James Chappell has formulated this product. Here are the ingredients:

American Ginseng
Bitter Melon
Gymneme Sylvestre

This product has been shown to help regulate sugar levels. What a combination to have to offer the world! When you have in demand health imparting products you have an excellent business. These products are priced competitively with similar quality products you would find in a local health food store. Whole Wellness Club pays commissions so this gives us a competitive advantage.

Join Whole Wellness Club now and get started with a secondary income by keeping your body healthier!

Daniel Parsons

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  • Keep hearing good testimonials of what this product is doing for people. I notice my sleep is deeper.

    My friend told me her husband notices a change and that he feels better. It is amazing how giving our body the proper amount of minerals and coral calcium can have such an impact on our health.

    The vitamin D3 is very important especially in our winter season.

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