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Free VelociTea

Free VelociTea

Welcome to the Free VelociTea post on my blog. We live in a toxic world. Keeping our body clean on the inside is critical to our health. You can give your insides a bath with a safe gentle detox tea that is called  VelociTea. The ingredients are:

Free VelociTea1) Blessed Thistle
2) Malva Leaves
3) Marshmallow Leaves
4) Milk Thistle
5) Persimmon Leaves

VelociTea is a medicinal tonic that cleans the soft tissues of the body including the colon, kidneys, liver, and lungs. Everyone on the earth is bombarded with toxins in the air, food and water we take into our bodies on a daily basis.

Many people have reported losing from 5 to over 100 pounds by drinking our Free VelociTea. Rotten food can get impacted in the digestive system. The herbs in VelociTea have been known to help cleanse the colon for thousands of years.

Here is what Dr. James Chappell says about VelociTea:

Here is the second video where Dr. Chappell continues sharing about why we need to detox the body.

Here is the last two minutes of Dr. Chappell explaining how VelociTea will help you improve your health.

The club started in September of 2007 with VelociTea, a very impressive formulation containing persimmon leaves, malva leaves, milk thistle, marshmallow leaves and blessed thistle. VelociTea is an excellent infusion of specialized detoxifying herbs. These botanicals are a needed pre-requisite to any health protocol.

Free VelociTeaThe world is a toxic place.

Every week news reports tell us of how 7 billion people are impacting the environment here on earth. The air we breathe, the food we eat, and the water we drink are full of toxins. Cleansing the inside of the body is of critical importance to good health.

Detoxification is paramount to good health. We are so confident that you will get a result from our VelociTea that we want you to try a week for free on us. Simply fill out the forms to get your week of  Free VelociTea shipped anywhere in the world on the website below:

Rush Me My Free Week of VelociTea

Here are instructions on How to Steep Your Free VelociTea.

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