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Little Tips for Weight Loss

Little Tips for Weight Loss


Welcome to my Little Tips for Weight Loss post where I share some simple ideas to help you achieve your ideal weight. Have you tried every pill, potion, fad and diet guru and still cannot get rid of the extra weight?

You are not alone. Weight Loss is a multi billion dollar business and only exists because it caters to the fact that most people will not take the action required to permanently lose weight. People will try a diet and lose some weight but sooner or later the unhealthy habits return and the person will actually gain more weight than they lost in the first place.

Unhealthy Habits

Little Tips for Weight LossEating fast foods

Eating processed and junk foods

Lack of Nutrients in Diet

Sitting on Couch eating pizza thinking a magic pill will solve the weight problem

Little Tips for Weight Loss

1. Small Change
A pound is equivalent to 3,500 calories. By reducing your caloric intake by 350 calories a day from what you eat and burning an extra 350 calories a day through movement, you will be 14 pounds lighter in 70 days.

water2. Tune In to Your Body
Are you really hungry when you grab a snack? Drink a large glass of water instead to replace those calorie loaded snacks.

3. Reportion Your Portions
Be careful in how large of a portion you eat of fat free foods. Look at how many calories are listed in a serving size of cereal and monitor how many calories you are really eating.
By not taking as much food, we can feel 80 percent full and push ourselves away from the dinner table and lose weight through smaller portion sizes.

4. Use a Speed Bump
Do you eat fast? Slow down and you will feel fuller and therefore not eat as much. Add some hot soup to your diet and this will force you to slow down. You will feel full in 20 minutes so slow down and enjoy your food.

5. Make Smarter Substitutions
Do you eat the same kinds of foods over and over again? Are you always putting butter on toast? Leave the butter off and spread a small amount of fruit spread instead. Cut back on mayo on sandwiches. Cut back on margarine and oils in your food and food preparation!

6. Every Little Bit Helps
Every single physical activity that you do requires energy and burns calories. Park further away from the store, walk the steps in a building instead of taking the elevator, go for 30 minute daily walks and engage in hobbies that exert energy. If you have to take 3 ten minute walks a day to get in your 30 minutes of daily walking, do it no matter what. Go to the local mall if it is raining or snowing.

7. Build Your Muscle
Strength Training is so important for weight control as it helps maintain muscle mass and muscle burns more calories than fat even when you are at rest. Go buy a couple of barbells and do some weight resistance training 3 days a week. I have a webpage that you can use the videos showing how I exercise my entire body in just 10 days. I rest one day between each set of 10 minute exercises!

Little Tips for Weight LossOur Creator gave us the gift of stewardship. Taking care of our health by being careful what we put into our body is an act of self-care and self-esteem. Don’t forget to tap into your spiritual being and ask God for help to make the necessary changes and you will get inspiration when you most need it. This whole process worked for me in 2000 when I was 70 pounds over my ideal weight. I have kept the weight off since 2000 and have plenty of energy and feel much better about myself!

Weight Loss Resources

Exercise Videos


Healthy Recipes

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  • Good advice Daniel. Simple and easy tips. Cut back on the unhealthy sugar & fat loaded junk foods, increase the healthy natural foods and increase daily activity. A brisk 30 min walk daily will do wonders for an all over well being. It not only will burn calories and tone muscles. …. but will improve circulation and release feel good endorphins. I find keeping veggies cut up and ready to eat in the frig a much better snack to have handy. If you keep healthy veggies available you will be more likely to stay on track.

    Healthy Blessings,

  • Hey Daniel!
    Thank you for sharing these great, simple to follow tips. I have been struggling with weight issues for years and I had no satisfying results until I understood I had to embrace a healthy living program for life and not until I lost the extra pounds. After I had lost and gained some kilos repeatedly I decided to give the matter serious attention. Moderation, physical activities- even walking the dog in a fast pace for 30 minutes -they really make a difference!

  • Kilat Aryanto

    I want to diet because I’m fat now. Using these steps will help me get my weight to its proper level!

  • Good tips here! These are some of the ways I lost weight. Also I would add that making sure your hormones are in balance is really important. Coming off the birth control pill (along with eating less) helped me lose over 1 stone of weight which I don’t think I would have been able to do if I was still on the pill.

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