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Stabilized Allicin & Camu Camu

Did you know that there are viral outbreaks happening frequently ?

Antibiotics have been used for many years to treat outbreaks of viral infections.

Avian flu started about a 100 years ago. More recently in 2009 there was the serious outbreak of H1N1 or Swine Flu in Asia.

Pharmaceutical drug companies do not want to invest a billion dollars in antibiotic drugs that people will only take for one week or so.

Drug companies are more interested in spending money on researching lifestyle disease drugs that treat diseases like Diabetes, Heart Disease and Obesity.

Many people do not respond to antibiotics now and medical personnel have very little to treat some of these viral infections.

There is hope. You won’t even smell like Garlic either!

Nature provides an all natural antibiotic.

Stabilized Allicin is a powerful natural product that has been available since around 1999. Dr. Peter Josling is a British Biochemist that found a way to capture the Allicin Powder through a process that he discovered in his lab.

Before you rush off to your local grocery to buy some garlic, you should understand a little more about the process of stabilizing the allicin from crushed cloves of garlic. When you take one veggie capsule of Camucin, you are getting the equivalent of eating 30 cloves of raw garlic but without the taste!

When you peel a clove of garlic and take a knife to begin chopping up the garlic, the chemical allicin is released. It is easier to share this video interview done by Phillip Day with Dr. Josling than try to explain the science behind the properties of allicin.

Video One About Allicin

Video Two About Allicin

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  • I am really looking forward to taking this product and so happy the Whole Wellness Club is making this available to us. The benefits from the garlic / allicin are so amazing and now to combine with the benefits of camu-camu just makes it a product that everyone really needs to add to their daily supplements. With all the germs, bacteria and viruses floating around in the world today we really do need the extra protection.

    Peace, Good Health & Prosperity
    Barbara Arbster

  • Oge

    Thanks for this info Daniel ! I try not to take antibiotics and look for natural solutions whenever I can. I have always heard of the benefits of garlic, but as you say not the most convenient given the smell. I will look into Allicin and Camucin.

    • Hello Oge,

      Camucin is a natural antibiotic so it helps boost the immune system naturally. I have only been sick one day since I began using Dr. Josling’s stabilized allicin products in 2006.

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