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Caldera Greens

Caldera Greens are a living mineral rich whole food product now being offered exclusively with the Whole Wellness Club. You can also order the greens in veggie capsules. You can join our club as a free member and access the finest natural health products available in the market today. Call me with any questions. Sign up today and experience what the club has to offer:



Here is my two week testimonial on the Caldera Greens Plain juice powders. I have been taking one half of a teaspoon with breakfast and another one half of a teaspoon with my lunch. The energy boost I am getting is very much needed. We are in our winter season now and the days are short and it is cloudy, cold, wet and dark for about 16 hours per day. It would be very easy to get sleepy with the sun not being around.

I am still at my computer working now at 19:25 hours in the evening and I have not yawned once today. I do have to wake up very early tomorrow for a trip to Seattle and will make sure I use the Caldera Greens in the morning. Stay tuned for more updates.

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  • I can’t wait to use these greens. I know I don’t always get enough vegetables and green nutrients.

    Barbara Arbster

  • The extra energy I am feeling is much needed. I have a healthy diet as now but notice that the greens increase my energy level throughout the day

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