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Why Most People Never Lose Weight

Lifestyle Problems Cause Obesity

Did you know that the Standard American Diet ( SAD ) and lack of exercise is the main reason tens of millions of people have lifestyle diseases?

Why is the $35 to $50 billion per year Weight Loss Industry still growing rapidly?

If you are overweight like almost half of the people in North America, ( Canada and United States ) your risk of Diabetes drastically increases.

Many people have been misinformed into thinking that an overweight person can take a magic weight loss pill and still continue the same old habits of eating fast foods, junk foods and processed foods and be a couch potato. These weight loss product companies have savvy advertising that lure people into  ‘this is not your fault’  kind of thinking. They hire celebrity spokespersons and proclaim that if you buy their low carbohydrate burgers, pizzas and desserts, you can just continue with your current lifestyle.

Folks, if nothing changes, NOTHING CHANGES. What happens over time is you spend hundreds of dollars on their processed foods and never make the changes that will give you the life you so long to have. You will decide that their expensive prepared packaged foods or weight loss pills are too expensive and cancel your order. There is hope so read on!

Here is a typical lifestyle as far as foods eaten by many of the people who are overweight.

Bad Habits

You ate a heavy meal at supper time and might have snacked on junk foods late at night when the metabolism is very slow. All of the calories are turned to fat because your food is not burned up while you are sleeping. Poor digestion causes your body to continue working on the digestion process while you try to sleep.

You stayed up late at night watching depressing news reports of people being killed, raped or murdered. Many people do not get enough sleep as it is. Sleep helps the body repair your immune system which is your defense against illness and disease. Your alarm goes off and you now have to rush out of your home without getting any nutrients into your body.

A favorite donut shop is on your way to work. You stop in and get a large coffee with mega caffeine because you need so called energy. The sugary donuts and caffeine are not the kind of energy your body needs.

Around mid morning, your body is hungry again. Your body is actually starving for water as it is dehydrated. The hunger is actually a signal that the body did not get the nutrients and water it needs to function properly. You grab another coffee and someone has brought in some cookies and pastries and you take a coffee break.

You get to go to lunch for 30 minutes and only have time to run to a greasy burger restaurant and you are really hungry now so you order a super size burger, fries and soda. You have to eat fast and get back to your job so the break is adding more stress to your life.

Mid afternoon you are again hungry and by this time your body is starving for water and nutrients. Our body needs 1/2 of the ideal body weight in fluid ounces each day to maintain health. There is very little nutrition in any of the foods you have eaten so far today. If you get an afternoon break at work, you head straight for a vending machine and grab a bag of potato chips that are loaded with salt and fat. You also need that afternoon sugar soda because you feel drowsy.

When your work day is over, you may be stuck on a freeway in your car or deal with commuting on a crowded bus or train. You were going to go and work out at the gym or go for a brisk 30 minute walk in your neighborhood but you are too tired due to lack of nutrition and proper hydration.

By the time you reach your home, the only thing you want to do is order a pizza. The ball game is on so you may open up an alcoholic beverage or two. Alcoholic beverages have many calories. You may argue that the red wine you drink is for your heart health. You can get better nutrients and antioxidants from organic grapes and leave all the calories from the wine alone.

Your pizza arrives and you can put your feet up and watch a ball game or a situation comedy show. The next thing you know it is time for the late news and once again, you start the cycle over.

Is there a way out of this unhealthy lifestyle? YES

My very next post is titled “Healthy Breakfast”. I show you with a video and in writing the kinds of foods that have helped me maintain permanent weight loss since 2001. I was 70 pounds over weight and came home from Alaska Airlines one day and realized I had to make some changes to my diet. I was eating a very similar diet to the one I just laid out for you above. I have been abstinent from alcohol for decades but I really liked sodas and coffee.

If you need to eliminate the late night news show so you can go to bed earlier, then adjust your schedule by 30 minutes or an hour. You will have plenty of time now in the morning to prepare some healthy foods for your breakfast. I always made my healthy lunch meal for the next day the night before and kept it in the refrigerator so it would be ready the next morning.

Some really good news for you is that the money you have been spending on fast foods and processed foods will easily buy you fresh organic beans, fruits, legumes, nuts, seeds, vegetables and whole grains. It is amazing how many delicious recipes you can make from these food groups. Best of all when you eat foods as grown, there is no nutrition label so your body will be getting the nutrients it needs for good health. Have you ever seen a nutrition label on an apple or kiwi?

By skipping the late night news you will not worry about all the insanity in the world and sleep better. You are on your way to permanent change. Hang on and experience the way life is meant to be! I know many people that began to live their lives again by breaking away from the television set.

Many people are now engaged in hobbies and activities that they are passionate about. Here are just a few:

Bicycle Riding Groups

Board Games

Book Clubs


Church Activities

Civic Activities

Dancing Clubs

Hiking and Walking Groups

Mexican Train Dominoes

Poetry Clubs

Your body will feel alive again as it has the energy needed to function each day. Permanent weight loss is all about giving the body the following:

1. Body Needs Nutrients

2. Body Needs Pure Water

3. Body Needs to Move ( Exercise )

Here is a link to my Blog with hundreds of healthy recipes in my Healthy Living category. If you want to be alerted of my next blog post, just Subscribe in the top right of the page. I never sell, share or disclose any personal information due to my Privacy Policy and out of professional courtesy. Who knows, you may become a Medical Missionary yourself!

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  • Another block buster post Daniel. Making the above changes is sure to help anyone lose weight permanently. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us so freely.

    • Over 35 percent of people are obese now and that percentage is expected to rise to 50 percent in the next few years. Most fast foods can be very harmful to a person’s health.

  • Connor Harley

    Very helpful post, Daniel. This is an eye-opener to everyone.

    • I never read labels until I heard about all the ‘natural flavors’ that get added into foods. Connor, it is a little more expensive on the front end to find products that do not have additives, however in the long run, our health care costs will not be as expensive.

  • Eating a healthy diet, lots of water and staying active everyday is crucial to your wellness. Great idea about fixing your lunch the day before. I always like to prepare extra food and have it handy for times I’ll be busy with other things and won’t have to time to fix a healthy meal. Then I’m not hungry and grabbing all the wrong quick foods. I’ve been keeping veggies washed and cut up in the refrigerator …. cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, green and red peppers …. all ready to go. Great for quick nutritious snacks.

    • Barbara, You have a ready made salad ready to go. I am getting back into having a healthy raw veggie salad every day around 13:00. I drink my Caldera Greens about 12:30 so the fruits can go on through the digestive system and not create gas once I eat the veggies 🙂

  • Oge

    Thanks for sharing these fundamental tips Daniel ! Human body is indeed a perfect machine, we just need to provide the right natural nutrients as needed, to run this well oiled machine.

  • Excellent, actionable post, Daniel ! Losing weight actually is so simple, isn’t it? Not easy, but simple. No lotions and potions. Just common sense and some ‘doing’.

    I love how folks, once I introduce them to juicing, start to take more and more of an interest in making smarter choices in general. Both in terms of nutrition and getting more exercise. It’s almost as if they discover ‘Hey, I can DO this’ and then there’s no stopping them.

    What worries me though is how expensive fruits and vegetables are becoming here in South Africa. That is not good. Junk foods are way cheaper in many instances. That’s the wrong way round.

    Love your comment about fruits not having a nutrition label! Won’t it be great if kids could learn the ‘language’ of food labels in school? Just dreaming…:-)

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