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Caldera Greens from the Whole Wellness Club

Whole Wellness Club ( WWC ) is the world’s leading provider of the highest quality whole food supplements. The new product known as Caldera Greens has just been evaluated for an ORAC score. According to Wikipedia, ORAC is Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity. Nutritional research has proven that antioxidants provide an incredible health benefit to the human body.

The independent lab has reported to WWC that the ORAC score is 389 per gram. The suggested serving size will be 8 grams. People will notice the energy that they will have from using this organic whole food supplement.

Our Caldera Greens come from organically grown plants. The amount is outlined here:

25 percent Alfalfa grass juice powder
25 percent Barley grass juice powder
25 percent Wheat grass juice powder
10 percent Oat grass juice powder
15 percent Proprietary blend of Spirulina and Sea Vegetation

The crops are grown on a caldera which is a convex volcanic crater in Utah. The land is rich in folic acid. The crops are harvested within 5 hours and the fiber is removed and the juice is extracted. The juice is then dropped into 100 foot tall dryers that never exceed 88 degrees farenheit. Keeping the temperature under 88 degrees ensures that the live food enzymes present are in tact. Within 30 seconds, the water is removed and then powder is created.

The greens will be available in early October. The label is being produced today and products will then be sent to the shipping centers for distributors to market around the world.

You can join the Whole Wellness Club for free. Just go to my website here and call if you have any questions.

Whole Wellness Club

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